24 Piece Brush Set

Violet Voss


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This 24 piece brush set is made with the softest fibers so you know your brushes are going to feel great during your everyday application. This set consists of 24 pieces from face, eyes to brows.  You may never need another brush set again. 

Co-created with Youtube's very own Elessa Jade of Pursebuzz. She wanted to create the ultimate pink brush set that would fit everyone's budget while still giving them what they needed in a brush set.  Super soft bristles, smooth handles and durability you need for everyday use.  These brushes are meant to be used all over the face without any boundaries. So feel free to use a small brush to contour the nose or use an eyeshadow style brush to conceal a blemish. The creations are endless and its up to you to create that flawless face. 

  • 24 Brushes
  • Pink Pouch
  • Velvety Soft Synthetic Fibers


  1. Large Fan Brush- Use this to apply blush or allover color. Can also be used to dust off fall out. 
  2. Powder Brush- Roll your powder to absorb any shine. Then lightly dust off the powder.
  3. Foundation Brush- In small strokes apply your foundation with this brush for a flawless finish 
  4. Angle Brush -For defined cheeks use this to add color 
  5. Small Fan Brush - Dust off fall, some shimmer or add a wash of color to your cheeks 
  6. Lip Brush- For precise lip color use this flat brush for control and precision
  7. Flat Bronzing Brush - Give yourself a little color with this flat bronzing brush set 
  8. Contour Blending Brush- Small and unique brush used to Diffuse harsh lines and create a flawless finish. Contour or even apply foundation with this one. 
  9. Small Blush Brush - Create figure 8s around the apples of your cheeks for a flawless finish
  10. Concealer Brush - Use this to apply concealer to blemishes


  1. EyeBrow Angle Brush- Firm yet soft enough to create realistic brows. Small check marks work best
  2. Large Flat Eyeliner Brush-Thicker eyeliner applications and artwork is applied beautifully with this
  3. Blending Brush - This is a must have. The ultimate blending brush. Just the perfect length for pro application
  4. Eye Shadow Fluff Brush - Short rounded brush makes eye shadow application and blending easy. 
  5. Doe Foot Brush -Firm yet gentle brush. Used to apply cream bases and intensify crease colors
  6. Small Fluff Brush -Precise shadow application is easy with this. Pat on color in small areas
  7. Brow Grooming Brush - Used to comb brows and groom them to perfection
  8. Spoolie- Used to separate lashes and brows 
  9. Sponge Tip Brush - Intense pigment application. Patting motion works best 
  10. Angle brush - Used to apply deep colors to the crease 
  11. Crease Brush - Blending or contouring eyeshadows
  12. Pencil Brush- Used to blend or precision shading around the eyes 
  13. Precise Eyeliner Brush- Great for eyeliner or fine detailed painting 
  14. Large Shader Brush- Soft but stiff enough to be used for shading or emollient products

Always wash your brushes. These are a final sale due to sanitary reasons.