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Brown and Bronze – Violet Voss Cosmetics

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Coppertini Glitter

 Coppertini is the perfect brownish copper glitter you have ever seen. The name says it all! Color Description:Opaque coppery brown This is a size 8 glitter which means it will sparkle like diamonds. .008 x .008 Super Sparkles 3 Grams / .11oz  Sifter  Opaque Uses:Face and Body A video posted...


Marlee Glitter

Beautiful rich bronze glitter.  .008 x .008 3 Grams / .11oz Sifter    Please Note: Not for use in an airbrush, and not recommended for use in the immediate eye area.   Check out these lovely ladies on instagram: BeautybyJV, Daisydanger1, and SarahC_29