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Wild Dahlia Palette

Product Description: What it is: A fun-sized palette packed with 10 elegant golds, olives and neutral tones in the most addicting finishes. What it does: Create unlimited looks that will undeniably stand out in a crowd with the most iconic color story from elegant golds to edgy olives. The Wild...


I Love You Cherry Much Palette

Product Description: What it is: A tempting collection of 18 decadent cherry tones in Violet Voss’s deluxe formulas and finishes. What Else You Need to Know:  This eyeshadow and pressed-pigment palette provides a delicious lineup of cherry and coordinating hues—from pops of reds to deep berries. Achieve all the delectable...


Pinky Promise Palette

 Product Description: What it is: 18 romantic hues in a variety of finishes that will have you craving more, we pinky promise.  What it does: The Pinky Promise Palette was created with romance in mind. Full of romantic pinks and coordinating hues in a variety of high-pigment finishes from buttery...


Olive You Forever Palette

Product Description: What it is: 12 shades of luxurious olives and coordinating hues in our most sought after PRO formulas.  What it does: The Olive You Forever Palette was designed with universally flattering olives and hues that compliment one another flawlessly. Packed with the most luxe formulas from creamy mattes,...


Coral Pop

Product Description: Coral Pop is a portable 6 pan palette of neutral paradise that is sure to become your new go-to. Featuring 5 velvety-smooth mattes and a shimmering metallic, you have everything you need at the palm of your hand to create limitless everyday looks. Keep it simple and classy...


Mini Forget Me Not Palette

Product Description: What it is: A fun-sized palette packed with 10 impactful blues, teals and coordinating hues in breathtaking formulas and finishes.  What it does: Created with the most enchanting, frosted color story featuring cool toned shades with a pop of warm tones that provides you with the creative edge...


Essentials 2 Eye Shadow Palette

Product Description: Look no further, the Essentials 2 Palette is here. With 10 pans of pure bliss, we know you won’t want to put it down. It provides all the everyday hues you need to create your go-to soft glam as well as vivid pops of color to liven up...


Sakura Blossom Palette

Product Description: What it is:  A palette inspired by cherry blossoms that will transport you to the beautiful sakura gardens in Japan. Sakura in Japanese translates to Cherry Blossom.  What Else You Need to Know:  This palette features delicate cherry-blossom hues to make every occasion feel like spring in full...


Mini Sweet Violet Palette

Product Description: What it is: A beautiful assortment of fun-size eyeshadow palettes with serious pigment.  Ingredient Callouts: Free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. What Else You Need to Know: These carefully created colors create day-to-night looks with one palette or can all be used for a fun variety of looks...


Lip Gloss
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Lip Gloss

High shine lipgloss with a comfortable heart shaped applicator.    -Adore- Soft blush nude with creme finish   -Delight- Peachy nude with creme finish    -Dream- Warm Nude with shimmer   -Fresh- Crystal Clear    -Romantical- Soft pink with shimmer