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Orange and Copper Glitter – Violet Voss Cosmetics

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Copperella Glitter

The perfect copper-nude glitter. .008 x .008 for Maximum Sparkle 3 Grams / .11oz Sifter     Please Note: Not for use in an airbrush, and not recommended for use in the immediate eye area.   Check out these lovely ladies and follow them on instagram. Names are watermarked on each...


Penny Glitter

Bursting with charm and sophistication this luxe glitter is a must have. This is a size 4 glitter which means it will give just the right amount of sparkle for day and night.  We like to call this one "glitter for grown-ups" because it sparkles like glitter but subtle for...


Coppertini Glitter

 Coppertini is the perfect brownish copper glitter you have ever seen. The name says it all! Color Description:Opaque coppery brown This is a size 8 glitter which means it will sparkle like diamonds. .008 x .008 Super Sparkles 3 Grams / .11oz  Sifter  Opaque Uses:Face and Body A video posted...